About Networking Honduras

Networking Honduras is an organization of NGOs (non governmental organizations) and individuals dedicated to connecting its participating members with each other in order to:


  • United NGOs working in Honduras to promote self-sufficiency and sustainable development in the quality of individuals’ and families’ lives in the communities where we are present.


  •  Empower leaders to develop and sustain solutions to economic, societal, and spiritual poverty.


  • Facilitate communication between members, NH, and governmental entities and others to improve collaboration and encourage service in Honduras.


  • Be the trusted source of information regarding NGOs in Honduras.


  • Foster collaboration and synergy among members to improve overall service to Hondurans and participating members.


Our desire is to help individuals and NGOs attempting to serve in Honduras share lessons learned, tips and techniques to avoid pitfalls and operate more effectively. Our board and members have many years of experience in doing things well and in compliance with Honduran law. It is our goal to make serving in Honduras easier for you and your NGO.


Networking Honduras Board Members

Jimmy Rhoton

Executive Director


Sue Church                 Murray Van Lear                             Amanda Scott

  Secretary              Chairman of the Board                    Board of Directors

sjschurch@aol.com          mvanlear@att.net               amanda.vpscott@gmail.com


Tim Hines                         Steve Fox                                       Bill Drury

  Board of Directors             Board of Directors                    Board of Directors

waywalker@msn.com         vixxdog@yahoo.com               waterboy@pvagua.com

Kristie Brown

Board of Directors